Zebsys offer development services for embedded systems and PC based software

Zebsys provides software and product development services for small to medium-size companies. We have extensive experience in the development of applications for both PC-based and embedded systems. Our development languages include C#, Java, VB.NET, and C. We offer services for development on both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Over the last 15 years, Zebsys has provided product and software development services to a number of clients, including:

  • • OX-AN Gas Detection
  • • Telgen
  • • Cytech Technology
  • • Vedant Health
  • • BHC Electronics
  • • Power Electronics

Windows Development

Zebsys is highly experienced in the development of Windows based software applications. Target applications in previous projects have included data acquisition and processing, data mining, predictive analysis, video and image processing, system interfacing and scripted test systems. We currently focus on .NET based developments using C#. For existing systems or specialist developments we also offer development in C++ or C.

Embedded Systems

Zebsys are experienced in the development of embedded software and systems. We have developed embedded software for a number of applications including low-level display driving, embedded web servers, real-time data capture, and digital signal processing systems. This experience allows us to either carry out embedded software modifications ourselves, or work with your supplier to help simplify the development process.