The Zebsys GS-7 gas detection system provides safety and occupational health monitoring for a wide range of applications. Combining the latest ARM cortex processor with Internet of Things based technologies, the GS-7 provides local gas monitoring with predictive alarms.

The predictive algorithms used in the GS-7 adapt through local machine learning and cloud-based long term trend analysis. This Lambda architecture ensures that the GS-7 makes the best use of the large volumes of sensor data collected over extended periods.

GS-7 features include:

  • • Local ¼ VGA colour LCD touch screen display showing real-time sensor data and alarm levels
  • • LED alarm display
  • • Intuitive and user-friendly menus
  • • Tablet for programming / monitoring alarm levels
  • • Simulator for checking action-result combinations prior to installation
  • • Secure data viewing via cloud dashboard
  • • Relay outputs
  • • IoT outputs
  • • Accepts a wide range of 4-20mA gas sensors
  • • Wireless and CAN bus sensor communications
  • • Modular design – only get the sensors and accessories you need

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